Hassle-Free Guaranteed Fixed Rent

Let Expat Investment Group become your reliable long-term tenant with Guaranteed Fixed Rent. We'll pay property owners an increased monthly rent and take care of the rest.
Say goodbye to issues such as late rental payments, void periods, maintenance headaches, occupancy rates and tenant problems, while earning more:
What is Guaranteed Fixed Rent
One of the main reasons landlords and property owners use E of X Realty is for the total peace of mind that our Guaranteed Fixed Rent provides them. We'll offer you a set monthly payment and then rent your property using our trusted short-term rental service.
Arrange a property visit
We arrange a time to view the property to discuss our rent offer with you.
Our team will accurately project a nightly rate that E of X Realty will be able to charge for short-term stays.
Agree on an offer
We agree on a monthly fixed income agreement. Paid into your account each month. No delays, rent arrears or court proceedings.
We take care of it all
Once you accept the offer. Everything is then on us to rent your property out. We'll take over the property and manage everything with full Airbnb management services.
Focus on the things you love
When you choose to be part of our guaranteed rent scheme, your property is still covered by our insurance policies and we will continue to update you throughout the year.
You're not alone

We asked 1,000 landlords about their main concerns to find that 68% admitted they find managing property more stressful than they anticipated.

Here's what frustrated them:

We make sure payments are reliable by accepting them before bookings are made and are paid out instantly with clear visibility of incoming and outgoings.
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Got a question? Here's what other landlords ask us:
Your property will be listed on Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo and Expedia, with more platforms to come in the future. This gives your home greater visibility and opportunity for bookings, maximising your occupancy.