Increase your property’s exposure by listing on multiple booking sites
Listing your property on multiple sites increases your stay’s exposure and gets more bookings - made simple with our real-time integrated technology.
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Compile bookings from multiple websites in one calendar
You’ll have the choice to list your property on just Airbnb, or to expand to other major platforms like, Expedia, and Vrbo. We use integrated real-time technology, eliminating the risk of duplicate bookings. We’ll also compile your bookings from various sites into one interactive calendar, making multi-platform listing a breeze.
Earn 30% more with our flexible lettings strategy
Our flexible lettings strategy combines short-term and mid-term listings to maximise your income.
Your dedicated account manager will help you decide whether to list on short-term or mid-term sites throughout the year - with a range of data to guide your decision.

Manage multiple listings from one digital hub
List multiple properties under one account - and manage them all from one digital dashboard. Feeling in control of your rental business has never been so effortless.
3 BIG reasons to choose E of X Realty:
Launched in 2015, we've got the experience and data to maximise the potential of your property.
World's Largest
Our growing tech team work alongside our Property Managers to ensure everything runs smoothly.
On Trustpilot, Google, Airbnb and through personal emails, our hosts and guests value our service.
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Maximise your rental’s occupancy rates
An empty rental leads to empty pockets. We have over 7 years experience in securing bookings for our hosts, keeping their properties occupied all year round. Increase your occupancy rates by combining our flexible lettings strategy, unique pricing algorithm, and integrated multi-platform listing.
Although we specialise in Airbnb listings, we’re experts in listing properties on a range of different rental platforms. With experience of over 300,000 bookings across 12 booking platforms, we can increase your property’s visibility (and improve your listing’s ranking).
Our hosts tend to list short-term throughout peak tourist seasons - during the Summer and over Christmas - and then list their property for long-term lettings during the rest of the year. This strategy, combined with our pricing algorithm, keeps your property booked all year round without missing out on the increased demand and higher prices during tourist seasons.
The websites we list your property on will vary, depending on the length of let you’d like to advertise your property for. Our lettings strategy combines short-term, medium-term and long-term lets, to maximise your revenue.
You’ll be able to discuss with your account manager which durations you’d like to let your property for, and you’ll also be able to update your preferences via our digital host dashboard. If you’d rather keep your property off a certain platform, just let us know.
We use the following booking websites for our short-term listings: Airbnb,, Vrbo, and Expedia.
For longer lets, we can list your property on the following websites: Zoopla, HomeLike, RightMove, Spotahome, Morning Croissant, CityLets, NestPicks, and UniPlaces.
Earn more, save time
Get a quick and free estimate for what your property could be earning you with Houst managing it. Then, book a call with our team to discuss it further.