Protect your property from fraudulent activity
Opening your property up to the world of short-lets can be nerve-wracking, and screening guests takes an awful lot of time. Our guest-vetting experts and screening software gives you peace of mind.
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Relax without worrying about who’s staying in your rental
Screening guests is vital to keep your property safe - we want your guests to treat your property just as you would. We cross-reference each guest’s details to ensure we only approve legitimate bookings. With experience in vetting over 300,000 guests, rest assured that your property is in safe hands.
Save time with our professional vetting software
Our team is trained in detecting suspicious booking activity - but we also use a range of official software to give our hosts peace of mind.
We use third-party verification platforms to check your guests are genuine, and an integrated payment interface to identify any fraud risks.

Track who’s staying via our interactive calendar
Our interactive calendar compiles all your past, current, and future bookings into one place - no matter which website your guests booked through.
So you can easily view who’s staying at any given time.

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Launched in 2015, we've got the experience and data to maximise the potential of your property.
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Our growing tech team work alongside our Property Managers to ensure everything runs smoothly.
On Trustpilot, Google, Airbnb and through personal emails, our hosts and guests value our service.
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Everything you need to know about vetting guests on Airbnb
We won’t charge you an additional fee - it's all part of our service. If you join us as a full-time host, we’ll provide photography and lockbox installation free of charge. For our flexible hosts, there is an £150 onboarding fee for photography and lockbox installation.
airbnb policies
Airbnb is on your side when it comes to protecting your property from disturbances, damages, and fraud. As of 2020, Airbnb has implemented a blanket ban on all parties and events - including a ban on gatherings of over 16 people. If a guest holds a disruptive event, they risk removal of their account. The platform also carries out guest ID verification. To have their identification verified, guests must upload a picture of a governmental form of ID and take a picture of themselves on their phone. As a host, you can decide whether to require your guests to be verified or not. ‍P.s. At E of X Realty, we require all guests to go through this process!
On top of using Airbnb’s ID verification, there are a few other easy ways to check your guests are genuine and trustworthy. Check for past reviews - It’s worth checking out reviews and references left by other hosts on a potential guest’s profile. This can give you a good idea of what the guest is like, if they’re genuine, and if there have been any issues before!Check their profile - You can also check out the rest of a potential guest’s profile. Have a look for verified contact information, and find out more about your guest in their ‘about me’ section. If they’re missing verified contact details, this might be a sign for concern. Ask questions - This is particularly useful if your guest is using Airbnb for the first time, and hasn’t received any reviews yet. If you want to know a little bit more about your guest, feel free to ask why they’re visiting or who they’re visiting with.
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There are three key steps to our guest vetting process. Firstly, we always use official ID verification software to check that your guests are genuine. If the booking is x through Airbnb, this is done through Airbnb’s own verification process. If the booking is through another platform, we use a third-party verification platform - giving you peace of mind (and more bookings!) when listing on multiple platforms.
Secondly, we use an application programming interface when taking payments from guests, allowing us to automatically identify any fraudulent activity.
‍And lastly, our expert team is trained in identifying potential red flags. Our pros manually cross-reference guest details to triple-check a potential guest is genuine before accepting a booking.
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