Expert Answers for E of X Realty Existing Hosts
We're helping homeowners make more of their property. Unlock your potential by opening your doors to guests - host more, earn more, do more. With many services and solutions it's easy to get overwhelmed while managing your property for short-lets. Here we answer all questions in one place so you can rest easy.
Guest Communication
We provide guests with the check-in details via the platform, email and SMS leading up to the check-in. In the unlikely event that the guest has trouble getting into the home, we have guest services available 24/7 to help talk them through it.
Laundry & Housekeeping
Before your first guest arrives, we’ll make sure your home is ready by setting up a full cleaning and delivery of your bed and bath linens. Please keep in mind that although guests pay for all stay-related cleaning and laundry, hosts pay for this first clean to prepare for the first guests. All future cleaning and linen fees are paid for by the guests unless you book a one-off clean after using the property.
15% (plus VAT/GST) of your total income goes to Airbnb. We charge our management fee (plus VAT/GST) on your gross platform earnings. This includes the booked nights and the cleaning fee. ‍Our team will provide you with a property essentials checklist during the onboarding process which includes an initial stock of cleaning supplies and essentials for guests such as toilet paper, bin liners and toiletries. Our cleaning team will replenish these essentials as needed and items will be charged back at cost. ‍The guest covers the cost of the cleaning fee (which includes laundry) when making a reservation at your property. The cleaning fee is passed through to our suppliers (cleaners and laundry companies).
Guest Access
To avoid any potential confusion during check-in, we ask that you do not update your lockbox code. If for some reason you feel that the code needs to be changed, please reach out to the support team so that they can assist. It is imperative that we have the correct access code to ensure a smooth check-in experience for your guests and high ratings.
We aim to have an average monthly occupancy of 70% - 80% of nights booked. However, this can vary depending on the time of year, other bookings, your desired pricing, etc.
Nightly rates are affected by things like seasonality, special events near your home, etc. Weekends and weeknights are often priced differently based on demand. Prices can also vary based on the proximity of the stay (e.g. next week, or in 2 months’ time).‍Additionally, if there are small time frames of unbooked nights (e.g., 2 consecutive weeknights), we may lower the price to encourage occupancy given that those bookings are typically much harder to get. If you choose to set a minimum price, we will not go below this without your approval.
Thankfully, the safety net that is Airbnb’s Host Guarantee, is rarely required but we’re aware that it’s very reassuring for Hosts and that’s why we’ve made the decision to invest in this area.‍Our mission is to make it easy to share your home securely and safely and we’re proud of our impeccable guest disturbance record. We will continue to hold the same high standards of guest vetting as we partner with leading travel sites such as HomeAway and, and to make sure you're covered should the worst happen, Houst have partnered with Guardhog to provide insurance for bookings outside Airbnb.
Ensure your home is in good working order (plumbing, heating, Air Conditioning, etc.) and notify us if anything changes. We also regularly monitor your ratings to ensure we’re doing everything we can to get you great reviews. Your account manager will get in touch with any constructive guest feedback.
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