Increase your earnings with our Pricing Algorithm
We’ve created our very own pricing software - designed to maximise your revenue. Our smart pricing algorithm works alongside our pricing data analysts to keep your property occupied at the best rates.
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Earn more with our pricing algorithm
With 5.6 million active listings on Airbnb alone, it’s hard to know how much to charge. Our rental pricing software is informed by thousands of data-points to adjust your nightly price throughout the year. So you can increase your occupancy rates without compromising on revenue.
Automatically maximise your revenue during big events
Our algorithm knows when major events are taking place in your area.
We’ll automatically raise your price for these dates in line with the increased demand - so you won’t miss out on extra earnings.
Make sure you don’t miss out on bookings
An empty rental leads to empty pockets. We’ve designed our pricing algorithm to offer the best price for last minute bookings.
We’ll automatically adjust your nightly rate depending on how far away the booking is - increasing your occupancy rates all year round.
Track your revenue with our digital reports
Easily check your property’s performance via your performance graph on your digital dashboard.
We create a timeline of your monthly earnings, so you can get a clear overview of your property’s earnings.

3 BIG reasons to choose E of X Realty:
Launched in 2015, we've got the experience and data to maximise the potential of your property.
World's Largest
Our growing tech team work alongside our Property Managers to ensure everything runs smoothly.
On Trustpilot, Google, Airbnb and through personal emails, our hosts and guests value our service.
Excellent Reviews
How to Add Value to your Rental
You’ve invested a lot of time, effort, and money into your property, so it’s understandable that you want to maximise your earning potential. Here’s a few ways you can convince your guests to pay that little bit extra.
Listings with professional photography have been shown to increase their earnings by up to 20% than other stays in the same area, and to also receive up to 20% more bookings. It may cost to hire a professional photographer but it pays off - with 75% of hosts earning the money back in just one night.We know listings with professional photography get more bookings for a higher nightly rate, so we offer our hosts a professional photo-shoot at no extra cost. Find out more about our specialised photography service here.
We pride ourselves on two key strategies - shown to increase our host’s earnings by up to 30%.
Firstly, we’ve developed our very own pricing software that takes into account city-wide occupancy rates, travel trends, property location, events, seasonality, competitor pricing, and other factors. Our data strategists ensure that your revenue is maximised all year round.
Secondly, we utilise multi-platform listing across a range of booking sites and combine short-lets with long-lets to maximise your earning potential. Did you know short-term rentals earn up to 3x more than traditional long-term rentals? You can enter your address into our calculator to get an earnings estimate.
Earn more, save time
Get a quick and free estimate for what your property could be earning you with Houst managing it. Then, book a call with our team to discuss it further.