To craft an agreement that works for all involved is a complex creation, it requires a firm that is strategic in its thinking, transparent in its communication and highly connected. We get to the heart of the borrower’s aspirations and the lender’s requirements before constructing a partnership to best realise our clients’ real estate goals.
In recent years, an influx of lenders, all with varying appetite and criteria, has created a potential minefield for borrowers to sift through.
Our team is comprised of advisors who have their own investment portfolios, first-hand development experience and who have owned or managed funds prior to entering the world of advisory services, resulting in meticulous knowledge of the entire property cycle.
This, combined with up to date industry knowledge, means the Sirius team intuitively understand a lenders’ appetite, requirements, preferences, and way of working. Allowing them to not only match the desired numbers but also deliverability and time scales required.
Rather than work in isolation, our advisors draw on each other’s contacts and experience, resulting in arguably one of the strongest teams in the real estate finance space today.
Our strong relationships with leading and boutique property professional firms, including lawyers and surveyors, equip us to go above and beyond in providing a successful and timely delivery for our clients.
Whilst we have long withstanding partnerships with key high street banks, it is our relationships with the decision makers of boutique banks, private lenders, specialist finance houses, family offices and private individuals that empower Sirius to solve the complex funding requirements that are so common in today’s climate.