Maintain your property with ease
Keeping your home maintained is important to us, and we’ve got years of experience in maintaining over 6,000 properties so that they’re always in top-shape.
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storages in central London
Quickly resolve issues with our maintenance partners
Letting guests stay in your property can be nerve-wracking - it’s natural to worry about what might go wrong. We thoroughly vet guests to make sure they’ll take care of your home just as you would, but general wear and tear is inevitable over time. Resolving issues quickly is key for a positive guest experience. So, we have a local maintenance partner in each area we operate in. If anything does go wrong, help is always on standby.
Give your guests 24/7 Support
As our customer service team is working around the clock, we’ll be in the know if anything goes wrong.
Our customer support team can assist your guests through any issues no matter what time of day, and quickly alert our maintenance team to get it sorted.
Stay updated from wherever you are
Our house-keeping team alerts us of any issues with photos, so that we can upload maintenance reports to your digital dashboard.
You can update your maintenance preferences online, view damages, and let us know what you’d like us to do.
Keep on top of routine maintenance
We believe it’s better to take preventative action. That’s why we offer a Winter check-up service.
We’ll help you prepare your property for the colder months with boiler and radiator servicing.
3 BIG reasons to choose E of X Realty:
Launched in 2015, we've got the experience and data to maximise the potential of your property.
World's Largest
Our growing tech team work alongside our Property Managers to ensure everything runs smoothly.
On Trustpilot, Google, Airbnb and through personal emails, our hosts and guests value our service.
Excellent Reviews
Maintenance made easy with our handy labelling system
From broken boilers to leaky taps - we handle it all. We’ll upload a digital report to your host dashboard and categorise the issue as non-urgent, urgent, or an emergency - giving you a quick update at a glance. You can let us know how you’d like us to resolve issues depending on the severity level - at the click of a button! Perhaps you’d rather we didn’t get in touch over a broken toilet seat, but would prefer an immediate call if your boiler is faulty. We’ll maintain your property however you choose. And if you’d like us to resolve issues immediately, simply allocate a maximum spending limit via your dashboard - so you remain in control of your finances.
We’ll categorise an issue as non-urgent if it results in the property not being as advertised. This could include broken light bulbs or minor appliances not working like a TV or hairdryer.
We’ll categorise an issue as urgent if it causes significant discomfort to your guest, but isn’t an emergency. This could include guests not having hot water, a broken shower, or a power outage in one room.
Emergencies occur very rarely (or never!) - but we like to be prepared. We’ll categorise an issue as an emergency if it could cause serious property damage, or lead to a guest needing to check out. This could include a gas leak, burst water pipes, serious roof leak, or complete power outage.
When you join us, we’ll ask you whether you’d like us to resolve maintenance issues immediately for you, or if you’d like to be contacted first. You can update this preference at any time via your digital dashboard, and you can also allocate a budget for various types of repairs.

If anything in your property needs repairing, our house-keeping team will alert us as soon as they notice the problem and provide photos. We’ll upload a report to your digital dashboard to keep you updated. Depending on your preference, we’ll either resolve the issue immediately for you or your support team will get in touch. If you’ve asked us to resolve any issues immediately but we can’t repair the problem within your allocated budget, we’ll get in touch to discuss your options.
Earn more, save time
Get a quick and free estimate for what your property could be earning you with E of X Realty managing it. Then, book a call with our team to discuss it further.